Transforming Trauma

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky on September 10th, 2019 at the Swinomish Casino and Lodge – Link to Register Below

Please join us on September 10th for a special presentation from The Trauma Stewardship Institute on Self-Care While Caring for Others.  

This event is brought to you by United General District 304 through Trauma Informed Approaches grant funding.

Course Description:


Setting the Context for Cumulative Toll: We will discuss the context for how a cumulative toll arises and how we’ll engage in this conversation. We’ll discuss some principles that may be helpful in taking in the information.

The Trauma Exposure Response: These are the specific manifestations of cumulative toll. From numbing to anger to cynicism, we’ll dive deeply into how one is impacted individually and collectively.

How to Sustain Individually: We’ll look at very concrete strategies for how to create sustainability for oneself individually.

How to Sustain Collectively: We’ll broaden the conversation by looking at how to create sustainability for oneself within a larger context as well as how to create larger organizational, institutional, and movement-level change.

Learning Objectives

1. Raising awareness and responding to the cumulative toll on those who are exposed to the suffering, hardship, crises, or trauma of humans, other living beings or the planet itself.

2. To help others develop a deeper understanding of trauma exposure and the tools for reconciling such exposure, so folks can do their work sustainably.

3. Teach people in a broad base of fields how to create a sustainable individual and collective culture.

Fee: $40 payable through PayPal (no account needed), check, or purchase order.  Information on where to send the payment is on the registration page.**Please note: When paying with a credit card through PayPal, the charge will appear from Foundation of United District 304.

Clock Hours: Clock Hours will be available through the NWESD 189 at the time of the workshop. **Stars Hours will not be available.

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