About Us

Skagit County Child and Family Consortium

Who We Are

The Consortium brings together community coalitions, service providers, and school districts serving children and families in Skagit County.

When We Meet

The Consortium is currently not holding monthly general meetings.

What We Do

  • Provide community education and discussion forum opportunities.
  • Form partnerships to strengthen existing resources.
  • Promote best practices.
  • Identify gaps or overlaps in services for children and families most at-risk of academic failure, dropping out of school, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and homelessness in Skagit County.
  • Develop the means to fill those gaps and increase service capacity.

More About Us

Currently, the Consortium serves as the oversight and funding agency for several programs, including the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), Department of Vocational Rehabilitation project through DSHS, and the ACEs Public-Private Initiative’s evaluation project. SCCFC also serves as the advisory board for Skagit’s Readiness to Learn program and Children’s Administration’s Family to Family program.

A seven-member Executive Board of elected and appointed members governs the Consortium. The Executive Board meets monthly to ensure forward progress of the goals and objectives of the strategic plan. The current consortium strategic plan’s goals are to:

(1) Build community capacity,
(2) Enhance the utilization of local data, and
(3) Increase the well-being and safety of children and families.

To reach these goals, the Consortium has developed the following objectives:

— Increase consortium capacity for sustained membership that represents the diversity of Skagit County.

— Create effective partnerships to optimize funding resources and expand outreach.

— Inform and educate the community on prioritized topic areas.

— Identify meaningful and useful data sources and make them accessible to community stakeholders.

— Work with partners to reduce substance use/abuse and violence among youth.

— Prevent and ameliorate adverse childhood experiences in Skagit County.

In addition to the Executive Board, the Consortium consists of thirty-five voting general members. A voting member is defined as a person who has attended a minimum of three meetings in a twelve month period.

Consortium meetings were held monthly and focused on bringing together representatives from multiple sectors to examine commonly agreed upon issues in our community and ways to address these issues. SCCFC has steadily expanded its leadership through repeatedly renewed recruitment efforts and a formal Community Communication and Recruitment plan. Consequently, the breadth of representation within SCCFC’s membership has remained extensive and vital, including area businesses, the Department of Social and Health Services, faith-based organizations, health care, law and justice, mental health, public health, vocational rehabilitation, schools, social services, early childhood education, tribal representatives, and substance abuse service providers. This widely varied group of stakeholders has created or updated strategic plans based on our community concerns and data on an annual basis.