SCCFC Executive Board 2016-2017

Kari Jellison, President

Kari is the Social & Health Program Consultant (FTDM Facilitator) through Children’s Administration, DSHS. She has been an active member of the Consortium since September 2011 and is the appointed liaison from DSHS’s Family to Family program to the Consortium.  She enjoys being creative (photography, planning/decorating for special events), playing golf, spending time with friends and family, singing karaoke, cooking comfort foods, reading laffy taffy jokes, and soccer (go Sounders!).

Tammy Dee, Vice President

Tammy is a School Social Worker at Mount Vernon High School. She has primarily worked in the interrelated fields of violence prevention, behavioral health promotion, and restorative practices. She received her MSW from UW in Seattle in 2012, and has been a member of the consortium since 2014. She is passionate about building on existing strengths to promote healthy and resilient individuals, communities, and systems. She spends her summer vacations hiking in the Cascades and swimming in any lake she can find.

Veronica Lopez, Secretary

Veronica is the Skagit County Children’s Advocacy Center’s Program Coordinator and a Family SUpport Team Case Manager with Brigid Collins Family Support Center in Mount Vernon. She is committed to empowering the diverse and beautiful families of Skagit County.  She is a steward of children determined to help create a safe community that nurtures children and ends child abuse.  She has been a member of the Consortium since 2015.

Carla Arnold, Treasurer

Carol is the Co-Executive Director at Youthnet where she oversees Community & Family Services.  She has been a member of the Consortium since 2015 and is relatively new to Skagit County.  She received her MSW from California State University and has been working with children, youth and families for the past 30 years.  She like to relax by listening to music, kayaking, or playing with her English Bulldog.

Rinny Shelton, Member at-Large

Rinny Shelton is the McKinney Vento/ Title-Lap Coordinator for the Sedro-Woolley School District. 

Jorge Manzanera, Member at-Large

Jorge is the founder and current director of Skagit Mediation.  He is an approved Family Law Mediator for Skagit County Superior Court and a member of Washington Mediation Association.  He is a bilingual trainer and coach in Conflict Resolution, offering family and workplace workshops, and facilitation. His memberships include: Toastmasters in Mount Vernon, the Latino Advisory Counci of Community Action, the Citizen Advisory Committee for Mount Vernon Comprehensive Plan Update, and the Board of Directors of the Mount Vernon Library Foundation. Jorge was born and reaised bilingual in Mexico City, where he completed his Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and a Masters in Management.

Jennifer Sass-Walton, Member at-Large

Jennifer is the Child & Family Health Manager at Skagit County Public Health and Community Services.  She has been a Consortium member for eight years and this is her second term on the Board.  Most of Jennifer’s nursing career has been in Public Health and school health.  She arrived in Skagit County on an extremely rainy August day in 1992.  Any trepidation melted away once she drove out to the East County the following week for her first home visit. The clean air, natural beauty and incredible people in Skagit County have convinced her there is no better place to live! Jennifer and her husband are the proud parents of six adult children (two each by birth, and two more children-in-law) and four-too-many animals.

David Jefferson, Ex Officio

David Jefferson is the Community Health Analyst with Skagit County Public Health.  David is the lead staff person guiding the work for the Population Health Trust which is charged with developing a county-wide health plan. Davis is a former behavioral health trainer with Oregon Health and Sciences University and has been in the field of social services since 1989.  David joined the Consortium in 2014.

Jenn Angelis, Ex Officio

Jenn is the Grants Coordinator for the Burlington-Edison School District. She has been a Consortium member since 2008 years and has served on the SCCFC Executive Board for four years. Her family calls this beautiful Skagit Valley home.  She has two young daughters and loves getting out to enjoy the beaches, trails and parks the county has to offer.  In addition to her work and family life, she is a fiber artist.

Carol Hawk, Ex Officio, Fiscal Representative

Carol Hawk is the Director the United General Hospital’s Community Health Outreach Programs in Sedro-Woolley. She has 14 years of experience in community health programming and collaborative leadership.  She received the Exemplary Collaboration Award from the Department of Social and Health Services (2010) and the Oustanding Leadership Award from the Department of Health (2004).

Lyndie Case, Coordinator

Lyndie has been in the SCCFC Coordinator role since 2010. She has been a part of the Consortium since 2002.  Previously to acting as Coordinator, Lyndie served on the Executive Board as Chair and Member at-Large.  She has a long history of coalition work and has worked with several coalitions including the Burlington Healthy Community Coalition, the Skagit Prevention Council, and WWU’s Campus Community Coalition.  In her spare time, Lyndie enjoys spending time with her family and trying to train her crazy dog.