Linda Nelson Community Champion Awards

Honoring Linda Nelson, a former president of SCCFC and community champion for children and families in Skagit County, SCCFC honors champions like Linda who are leaving their mark on our community. Linda passed away in 2011 leaving her values and innovative ideas embedded into this community and furthering SCCFC’s vision of developing a community where everyone feels included, hopeful, connected, and motivated to maintain a healthy environment for ourselves and for future generations. Linda was highly respected by SCCFC members, community providers, and our community stakeholders. Across these groups she was well known for her compassion for children and families and her dedication to prevention and creating safety throughout the Skagit County.

The Linda Nelson Award recognizes an outstanding Community member and/or organization, whose efforts with children and families, in our community characterizes many of the following attributes:

  • Exceptional commitment to safe communities, prevention, and the well-being of children & families.
  • Regard for human dignity.
  • High respect by colleagues and community partners
  • Understanding of the importance and value of partnerships in the community.
  • Ethical and congruent in both words and actions; demonstrating remarkable personal accountability.
  • Being a visionary with the passion to bring ideas to reality.

The SCCFC Awards Committee selects recipients of the awards from nominated individuals or groups. The recipients are honored during the SCCFC meeting in May.  To learn more about the award, or to nominate a community member, please click here. 

Nominations for the 2019-2020 awards are due on April 15, 2020.