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The Consortium is currently involved in the following projects:

The Washington State ACEs Public-Private Initiative (APPI) is a collaboration of private, community and public entities working together to learn how communities can prevent, reduce and address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

To learn more about APPI and the evaluation project, please visit

Strengthening Families is a free 7-week family education program that helps parents learn how to effectively manage the challenges of parenting adolescents in a positive and supportive manner. Programs are available for English-speaking families and for Spanish-speaking families.

Sessions begin with dinner and are followed by an hour where parents and youth work separately. Parents will focus on using love and limits, building bridges, protecting against substance abuse and much more. Meanwhile some of the ideas youth will be working with are having goals and dreams, dealing with stress and handling peer pressure. The last hour is spent together giving families a chance to work together on building family communication and supporting each other’s goals.

For more information about the program, visit

Substance Abuse Prevention Committee

Youth United: Varsity in Volunteerism

The Consortium has had past involvement with the following projects:

Family Policy Council

Community Mobilization

Readiness to Learn

21st Century