EYE on Jobs

Eye On Jobs CMYK2

Students with disabilities are invited to participate in a program to enhance their employment readiness. Four districts, Anacortes, Burlington-Edison, La Conner, and Sedro-Woolley are partnering to providing on-site training program specifically designed to expose job seeking students to the entire process of applying, interviewing, working, receiving an evaluation, and adding the work experience to their resume.

In the fall, four hands-on workshops with be conducted at each school.

The content of these workshops will include:

  • Job Search Process (including an orientation to WorkSource and DVR services)
  • Resume Building
  • Interviewing/Presentation Skills
  • Workplace Behaviors
  • Workshops will be approximately 45 minutes in length in partnership with the Transitions class at each high school in the district.

At the conclusion of the fall workshops, students participating in this program will be encouraged to seek out a work-site experience (including short-term jobs and volunteer positions) to apply the skills taught during the sessions. The EYE on Jobs planning partners will work with schools/teachers to identify an employer or two in each community that would be willing and ready to provide worksite experiences for the students who participated in the fall workshops. If community placement is not available, we will work to identify school-based placements for students, such as rotating work in the library, office, or cafeteria. WorkSource will provide a follow-up session with students who participated in a work-site experience to assess their progress with gaining workplace skills.

In January, additional on-site training at each district will continue to support students with disabilities in efforts to find employment. The sessions during this semester will include WorkSource & DVR visits, exploring online job applications and job postings, employer visits to schools, and mock interviews with community employment volunteers.

Additional aspects of the program:

Parent Information – Information will be offered to parents of students participating in the program to offer ideas of ways to support their child. Parents will be invited to a Parent Education series covering Guardianship, Wills, & Trust, and Social Security information.

Employer Outreach and Education – Employers will be invited to attend a training sessions about the business case for hiring people disabilities. Educational materials will be distributed through Chamber newsletters and presentations to increase internship and employment options for youth with disabilities.

Transition Fair – Students who participated in any aspect of the EYE on Jobs program will be invited to a year-end transition and employment fair.

Partners and Responsibilities:

School Districts

Identify and refer students to participate in the program.

Provide a space/time slot for the workshops and parent session.

Assist with finding a work site experiences for interested students.

Identify a person who could support the students involved in a worksite experience by checking in, debriefing, and providing encouragement.


Provide job skills preparation session on-site at the school.

Facilitate site visits to WorkSource and DVR.

Act as the single point of contact between the schools and the planning team.

Participate in planning, implementation and evaluation efforts.

Skagit County Child and Family Consortium

Conduct outreach and communication efforts.

Oversee all planning, implementation and evaluation efforts.

Skagit County Developmental Disabilities Program

Participate in planning, implementation and evaluation efforts.

Host the Transition and Employment Fair.

Lead the Bridges program and the Planning for Employment Success program.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Participate in planning, implementation and evaluation efforts.

Assist with outreach to employers.